Friday, March 13, 2009

Buzz Aldrin Talks About The Apollo 11 UFO Sightings.

One thing leads to another. While doing more research on Apollo 11 I came across some video clips (which will be old news for many). Some of you are going to place this into the science fiction category, but as some in the clips suggest - maybe we ought to keep an open mind? I'll start out with a You Tube clip with Phil Plait , whom you may remember was one of Bart Sibrel's (the man who believes the moon landings were a fake possibly filmed by Stanley Kubrick in area 51) strongest critics. Plait is also the president of the James Randi Educational Foundation, which places him among the Chief of Skeptics. So I thought I'd give Phil first go:

Here is what Buzz Aldrin had to say about the "S-IVB encounter" (i.e., the jettisoned stage of the rocket), and somewhat of an admission by NASA:

There seems to be some contradictory messages in the following two clips from Larry King live, but you judge:

Larry King Live, part 1:

Larry King Live, part 2:

 Buzz on Fox News:

Perhaps the most interesting clip of all comes from Dr. Edgar D. Mitchell , the lunar module pilot of Apollo 14, and the sixth person to walk on the moon:

Another interview with Dr.Mitchell on UFOs and the Roswell incident in UFO Digest.

LB: So the interview has been a little misquoted. But you actually have information about the Roswell incident?

EM: Yes and my information comes from what I call “the old timers,” because I grew up in the Roswell area and when I went to the moon, some of the old timers from that period, some locals, and others military and intelligence people, who were under rather severe oaths to not reveal any of this and kind of wanted to get their conscience clear and off their chests before they passed on, selected me and said, independently – this wasn't a group effort – independently that maybe I might be a safe person to tell their story to. And all of them confirmed, and what I'm saying is they confirmed the Roswell incident was a real incident and they in some way had some part in it that they wanted to talk about.

(I am not reproducing this because of possible copyright infringements, but you can read the whole interview at the link above.)

Radio interview with Dr. Edgar Mitchell: "We have been visited...their intent is not hostile...if it was we would have been gone by now..."

For those interested in Buzz Aldrin's full account of the UFO incident, and many other interesting events surrounding the Apollo 11 mission, you can view them in six segments at You Tube

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