Monday, July 6, 2009

Message Boards And Public Swimming Pools.

In my previous post made three months ago, “Do You Suffer From Internet Addiction Disorder?”, I wrote regarding message board addiction in particular:

So once again I'm vowing to stay away from message boards and stick to the safer blogging. Here's hoping to a more productive life, on and offline, and that I don't cave in. Don't hold your breath, though.

It’s difficult for me to grasp the fact that I wrote the above post three months ago! And that’s another three months wasted dealing with some of the most idiotic people I’ve had the misfortune to encounter. Mind you, it’s a bit like cab driving, to be fair. As a cab driver I deal with drunks all night when I work, and that takes a lot of patience, but being a drinker myself I know that people just want to have a good time, and many don’t mean to be annoying, so I’m generally tolerant. But as every cab driver will tell you, it only takes one or two brain-challenged idiots to ruin your night, like a drunk with the IQ of Popeye’s spinach sandwich. I am generally not a confrontational person, and enjoy intelligent discussions with intelligent people, and for three years I did nearly five thousand posts on a message board known for its strict rules of engagement. When I felt I could no longer tolerate the basic beliefs of that MB, I left it, though I occasionally return to do the odd post. I know my limitations, and I know when I’m going to explode (as I have done with some of my customers, literally, sometimes physically kicking them out of the cab), and when it’s time to leave. Now I’ve wisely cut back on the “drunk nights” (like Saturdays) and only have to tolerate them once a fortnight. Unfortunately, I’ve not been as wise about participating on MBs, which can be a special breed of annoyance particularly when there are no rules or referees to control the malignant and intentional foulers (read: Time Wasting Shit Stirrers, or TWSS) in the game. But I feel even sorrier for the moderators and Admin of message boards. You’d have to be a masochist to take this job on. I don’t know whether they deserve praise or a brain scan.

It’s not so much that message boards aren’t for the faint-hearted – they are often for the mentally challenged with too much time on their hands looking for an argument for argument’s sake (I can only imagine what their poor spouses have to endure, and frankly, I’d be moving out at best, sleeping in the dog house at worst), or just wanting to exercise intellectual vanity (“look at how smart I am”). So I guess, in the end, my view of message boards is something like going to a public swimming pool. There’s always going to be an idiot or two diving in two feet away from you, splashing water in your face, not to mention pissing, or even shitting in the pool. Solution: Avoid public pools, or install your own backyard pool. Message boards are like public swimming pools. Blogs are like private backyard pools.

And the message is: I’m back to blogging.

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