Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pauline Hanson’s Racism.

I continue to be amazed at how many Australians still subscribe to Pauline Hanson's racist views and politics.

Ms. Hanson recently announced her decision to migrate to the UK. Perhaps her biggest surprise, on arrival, will be that the Muslim presence and influence in the UK far exceeds that of Australia. One report (of many in the media) in The Australian quotes her as saying:

"I have no intentions of selling my home to a Muslim,'' she told Sunrise.

"I don't believe they are compatible with our way of life, our culture and I think we are going to have problems in this country further down the track.''

First of all, what would it matter to her if Muslims invaded Australia, since she’s moving overseas? Why doesn’t she stay here and “fight the good fight”? The unaware reader should become aware that Ms. Hanson has been peddling her politics of division since 1996, and apparently somewhat successfully. One thing that should be obvious to observers is that her logic has never been sterling, and she once again amply demonstrated that with her recent comments. For example, she said she has “no problems” selling her property to certain “foreigners”:

"To an Australian who is of Asian background: no problems whatsoever,'' she said.

This is the same Pauline Hanson who said, in 1996, that we are being "swamped by Asians" (somewhat like how the British "swamped" Australia after 1788) and that Asians “do not assimilate, and form ghettos”, and threaten the “Australian way of life” (the same thing was said of continental European migrants in the 1950s and 1960s, known as "wogs"). Yet out of these “ghettos” arose the very Asians Hanson now accepts as Australian. What did she expect? Instant assimilation? Did she expect Asians to come to Australia and immediately don shorts, thongs, and hold a schooner in one hand while saying “Ow ya going, Mate!” What does she think this “Asian background” entails? What it entails is the very genre she rejected as “not assimilating”. The people she would willingly sell her home to came from the very stock she criticised as “not assimilating”. It might take a couple of generations, but it always happens.

So here, in a nutshell, is Hanson’s brilliant logic: I will sell my property to the children of Asians who have assimilated, but I will not sell my property to their parents (possibly boat people who have not naturalised) who have not assimilated, and don’t speak with an Aussie accent, and still hold on to their “Asian traditions”. If the parent approached Hanson to buy her property, she’d judge them by their accent, and “assimilation”, but if a child of the same parents approached Hanson to buy her property, but had an Aussie accent and had, by all appearances “assimilated” - “no problems”.

How Hanson holds and weighs all these criteria of superficial judgements is a marvel to behold. She is in effect saying that she’ll accept the product of Asian immigration, but yet in the same breath do everything to stop Asian migration.

And finally, she says: "I want peace in my life. I want contentment, and that's what I'm aiming for.” We all want that, Pauline. And that includes the very people you deem as being “unfit” to buy your house. All you have done for this country for the past 14 years is spread your politics of racism, hatred and division, and the world would be a much better place if you in fact retired yourself and your ill-informed commentary to an igloo in Iceland. You foster prejudice and intolerance, and that can never be a good thing. All I need now is for you to tell us that you’re a “Christian”. That would be the icing on the cake.


  1. I dont think you should worry about white trash like pauline...I actually feel SO SORRY FOR HER AND HER TYPE!Can you imagine going through life as a loser with so much hatred against fellow human beings? Very sad..But i think when you put into perspective the fact that for "aussies" - they were largely "deported" to Australia as crimminals and have since have subjectively tried to convince themselves that they are "native australians" who own the land etc and they conveniently do not classify their "race"..interesting isnt it?

  2. what a load of crap it is apparent that neither of you have ever lived in a country controlled by Islamic law, ok if you are a male, and corrupt. Pauline hanson is only 1 of many that recognise the inherent problems associated with religious control, try being Christian in Iran. open your fuckin eyes.

    1. Pauline Henson can't believe the rubbish that comes out of her mouth. Nothing she says has any substance or intelligence. She so uneducated and shouldn't open her mouth on television a real embarrassment to Australia.

  3. Australia has been developed from 1788 by Anglo Saxons whose descendants have every right to be proud of their sacrifices and hard work which made Australia what it is today. Unlike the bludging immigrants of today our early settlers were not handed housing and welfare ...which by the way is forcibly paid for by taxpayers who have not agreed to do so. Australia does not need Islam and Sharia Law, nor racial diversity and the violent consequences of this policy which once again was never agreed to by the Australian population. Good on Pauline for daring to stand against this invasion. Black Africans and Asians should stay in their own countries and work to improve conditions there for themselves and their own race. We do not want nor need multi culturism and the racial divisions and problems it brings.