Friday, June 18, 2010

The Media: A Modern Torquemada?

The more I live, the more I come to loathe the modern media. They have, unfortunately, become the Grand Inquisitors of our age, no less than Torquemada . Some of the scum who infest this information control over society are, perhaps, responsible for more wrongful persecutions, biased views, and plain prejudice against innocent people, or perhaps people who never had a chance against their public courts of judgement and public harassments and metaphorical hangings, all motivated by sales profits and irredeemably inflated egos. If a car salesman is the “lowest form of life”, then the media has not yet been defined in any recognisable category. They have carte blanche to defame, defile, and wreck the reputations of whomever they will. This was formerly a power only granted to Grand Inquisitors, and how many lives have been shipwrecked by their unctuous and sanctimonious moralising one can only guess.

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