Saturday, June 15, 2013

"Punch Drunk": The Social Costs of Alcohol-Fueled Violence.

The following video is only a short clip of the full video, which can be found at Four Corners.

After many years of trying to convince politicians in Sydney and Wollongong to place restrictions on night club entry and closing hours, the pleas have fallen on blind eyes and deaf ears. Several years ago, Wollongong Police posted the following CCTV video footage in the hope that some action would be taken:

The response by Noreen Hay, the local Labor State MLA was Police union 'are playing politics close to election'.

To this day, serious alcohol-fueled violence problems in Sydney and Wollongong still remain. Not even pleas from families of victims of alcohol-fueled violence seem to have any impact:

Thomas Kelly's parents plea to 'break the cycle' on alcohol-fuelled violence .

Even NSW Police are bragging about a 3% drop in physical assault! As if that solves anything. Yet every police officer on the beat on weekends must surely know that statistics lie horribly here, and that it's much worse than what the "official figures" show. And here's the proof:

Sydney CBD's angry mile of mindless violence continues to claim victims.

It was time to act about five years ago, and in 2013 - nothing has happened.

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