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Becoming An Australian Soldier, and The Legacy of The Australian Defence Force (ADF).

By virtue of the authority invested in me as the President of the United States and as Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States, I have today awarded the Presidential Unit Citation (Army) for extraordinary heroism to D Company, Sixth Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment, The Australian Army...

The conspicuous courage, intrepidity and indomitable courage of D Company were to the highest tradition of military valour and reflect great credit upon D Company and the Australian Army.  (US President Lyndon B. Johnson, 28 May, 1968, Presidential Unit Citation.)

Although the Battle of Long Tan is perhaps Australia's most famously remembered Vietnam War victory, mainly because of media publicity, and rightly so, as it should be remembered and held in high regard, The Battle of Coral Balmoral is now coming to prominence as well:

As British offshoots, the Australian colonies participated in Britain's small wars of the 19th century, while later as a federated dominion, and then independent nation, Australia fought in the First World War and Second World War, as well as in the wars in Korea, Malaya, Borneo and Vietnam during the Cold War. In the Post-Vietnam era Australian forces have been involved in numerous international peacekeeping missions, through the United Nations and other agencies, including in the Persian Gulf, Rwanda, Somalia, East Timor and the Solomon Islands, while more recently they have also fought as part of multi-lateral forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. In total, nearly 103,000 Australians died during the course of these conflicts.
 Source: Military history of Australia.

That's quite significant considering that Australia could have exempted itself from any of these foreign conflicts, with the exception of World War 2. More bombs were dropped on Darwin than were dropped on Pearl Harbor during World War 2.

What it takes to become an Australian soldier today:


Australian Defence Force.

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