Thursday, December 12, 2013

"Fire in Babylon": A Tribute to West Indies Cricket.

Little black boys and little white boys, growing up in an era of racial tensions in the Caribbean, had one thing in common - a love of cricket. 

"We all think so differently in the various parts of the Caribbean. We each have our different spices [...] Being able to be in the same team as all these guys, to know the differences between us but still fulfill your goals - that to me was the greatest achievement." - Vivian Richards.

For 15 years the West Indies dominated world cricket, and some of the most exciting clashes were between Australia and the West Indies.

"If you are going to call me a black bastard, how observant of you to notice that I am black. But do you have the documentation to prove that I am a bastard?" - Vivian Richards. 

"Sometimes you get crowds who give you that opportunity to hate everyone. My beef was with them. And it was the guys who were representing them on the field who were going to suffer." - Vivian Richards. 

"Given that chance as a young boy to wear the cap, I felt I wouldn’t be doing the cap any justice if I had anything else on my head. And, wearing that cap proudly, I felt that God would protect me in the middle." - Vivian Richards. 

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