Saturday, March 1, 2014

Farewell To Twitter.

Why I went back, only God knows. Especially considering my views of the so-called "social media". But trust that I've learned my lesson. No, Twitter, I won't ever accede to your demands. You should have known me better. A warning of any broken rules would have been nice. No such warning was given. I barely even understood why I was suspended, nor who made the complaint/s. I used the @reply incorrectly? Fair enough: How? Who? Where? When? What? I'm still in the dark. You wanted me to change my habits, but you didn't give any details as to how I should do this, nor exactly who was offended.

I offended some ultra-sensitive souls, and  Twitter "rules"?

What a joke!

How hypocritical do you get, Twitter?

Charlotte Dawson death: Twitter criticised for failing to act against trolls. 

Haters ate Charlotte Dawson alive.

You're suspending me for indiscretions far less notable than the vipers on your "social media" site who contributed to the suicide of Charlotte Dawson? Did you suspend them? No, you didn't, Twitter. You let the vipers attack Dawson mercilessly.

Why did you do nothing to stop them, Twitter?

Did I verbally abuse anyone, like some of your low-life Twitterites who verbally abused Dawson, eventually driving her to suicide?

No, I didn't.

I won't even bother logging on to your troll site anymore, so please delete my account there. I seem unable to delete it. You won't even offer me that option!


I was allowed back on Twitter to deactivate my account. At least thanks for that. And farewell forever, Twitter.

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