Saturday, April 5, 2014

Sir Nicholas Winton Should Be Awarded The Nobel Peace Prize.

Thanks to a friend of mine*, I only recently became aware of Sir Nicholas Winton, who has been described as the "British Schindler".

Without further ado, a brief look at Sir Nicholas Winton's "Schindler efforts":

Sir Nicholas is now 104 years old, and will turn 105 this coming May 19, 2014.

Nicholas Winton.

Sir Nicholas Winton's Website.

If after reading this you feel inclined, as I have, to sign a petition directed to the Nobel Peace Prize Committee, you can do so here:

 Nobel Prize Committee: Award Sir Nicholas Winton the Nobel Peace Prize.

As my friend pointed out, many people have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, who have been far less worthy than Sir Nicholas.

*Thanks to Dr. Daniel C. Peterson for bringing this to my attention. 

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