Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Molly Helmuth - A Rising NASCAR Star?

“My ultimate goal is to make it into any of the top series of NASCAR. Whether it's Trucks, Nationwide, or of course, Sprint Cup. I don't want to make any huge jumps, I'm just going to keep progressing and work my way up to the top.” - Molly Helmuth.

I came across Molly's You Tube videos quite by accident, while searching for something about Danica Patrick. So I decided to check it out some more, and came up with these links:

Molly Helmuth (You Tube).

Molly Helmuth Racing.

Molly Helmuth Facebook.

Molly Helmuth: I AM a racecar driver.

Frontier Teams Up With Molly Helmuth.

Molly Helmuth - The Fast and The Furious.

I'm always heartened to see ambitious young people trying to make their mark on the world, especially females in male-dominated sports (I suppose it's an "underdog" thing). Molly is not only a talented driver, but it seems a skilled business woman (okay, "young lady"), with the full support of her mother and father and an expert crew.

It doesn't take the sharpest tool in the shed to realise that Danica Patrick has long been a victim of redneck, beer-swilling male egocentrism, and sometimes even "educated" male bias. Women are best suited for being barefoot, pregnant, vacuuming, ironing and doing laundry, not driving race cars approaching 200 mph. Or so the male chauvinists say. 

You can mark my word that they'll run down Molly just like they did (and still do) Danica.  They'll be looking at every crash, and putting it on You Tube as fast as they can.

Nevertheless, NASCAR'S diminishing popularity and failing financial fortunes may be  revived with an influx of female drivers.

She quickly became a crossover star as the attractive female race car driver. She appeared in a Jay Z video and guest cohosted The View. Her impact on IndyCar was massive. Her merchandise at the Indy 500 in 2005 outsold the other 32 other drivers combined. When she left IndyCar for good after the 2011 season, TV ratings for races on the NBC Sports Network dropped 27%.

A Winning Danica Patrick Is Nascar's Biggest Hope To Restart Growth.

The fact is that in spite of all the ballyhoo and sexist whinging about "second rate"  female NASCAR drivers (hint: Danica is the only female driver In NASCAR at the moment), NASCAR appears set to be revived by a new wave of women drivers, beginning with Danica and continuing with young drivers like Molly Helmuth.

And it's not all about "looks".


  1. Just found your story on Molly who is my daughter. I shared it on my FB page.
    Mike Helmuth

  2. I wish Molly and your family all the best, Mike, and thanks for posting. I'm not on any of the social media (though I do look at public pages, including Molly's), and will be following her career with much interest. I only became a fan of NASCAR in January this year, after belatedly following Danica Patrick from Indy through to NASCAR, and I'm hooked. Unlike F1 (which I've followed since a teenager), NASCAR is wide open and unpredictable, and thoroughly entertaining. A driver can literally go from last to winning a race, and many drivers go for years and years before they finally win. Persistence is the key, and a firm belief in one's abilities. I think that Molly already has all that.