Friday, September 19, 2014

Science Fiction Becomes Reality: The Birth and Evolution of the Computer.

Like me, most have probably wondered about the science behind the computer. How did they do it? How a computer operates seems almost miraculous to us non-specialists. How is all the  memory stored, and how do the mechanics of a computer operate?

When we use a computer today, few of us may pause to wonder how this "miracle" came together. It was actually a slow step-by-step process, almost like putting one brick on another until it all made sense and came together. The mechanics behind computer-building were very much like laying one brick on another until a magnificent structure was created. 

These are the "bricks and mortar" pioneers, who built the first computers, from which billions around the globe now benefit. The multi-billions now being raked in by "social media" media sites like Facebook and Twitter, owe their obscene riches to these pioneers, most of whom lived and died in relative obscurity, and whose names are now little remembered, if at all.  Without these pioneers in computing science, none of us would now enjoy the "information revolution". 

The "Manchester Baby":



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