Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Gender Revolution In Kurdistan - Male and Female Equality, and Why America Is Now Arming the Kurds.

Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists are "scared shit" of Kurdish women soldiers because of one fanatic belief that they ruin their chances in the after-life if they die in the hands of an armed female.

Which could be the basis why the brazen ISIS treat as such the women they hold captive, either they treat them as sex slaves or just plain kill them.

Dying at the hand of a woman, more so an armed woman, is just utterly humiliating for an ISIS member.  Watch Out ISIS, Kurdish Female Soldiers Will Show No Mercy.

“I fired on this position from the mountain,” said Felice Budak, 24, another PKK fighter from Turkey, as she stood next to a window pierced by several bullet holes in Makhmur, a town that the PKK helped recapture from the Islamic State this month.
Budak said she wasn’t scared during the battle.
Islamic State fighters “are very scared of death because they are only here to kill people,” she said. “I don’t mind doing it over and over again. I’ve already fought in Turkey, Iran and Syria.”

The leftist PKK has been fighting the Turkish government for decades and is classed as a terrorist organization by the U.S. But its fighters have been going into battle alongside Kurdish peshmerga in recent weeks and are credited by some locals with turning the tide of battle in Iraq.

The female PKK troops get fired up when they talk about the mass rapes and sex slavery that has been a hallmark of the Islamic State.
 “Everywhere they go they kill and do bad things in the name of Islam,” Karhan said. “They captured a lot of women and they are selling them in Syria for $100. They rape women and behead them in the name of Islam.”

Female fighters of the PKK may be the Islamic State's worst nightmare.

Ironically, the Kurds may save America and the allied forces from having to send ground troops to fight and eliminate ISIS.

Why the U.S. backed the Kurds.

Kurdistan.  Is majority Muslim.

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