Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Sydney Siege.

Behind the counter were workers Joel Herat, Jarrod Hoffman, Harriette Denny, Fiona Ma, Elly Chen, Bae Jieun and supervisor Paolo Vassallo.
Scant attention was paid to Monis, who sat with a bag at his feet.

Then, almost without warning, Monis was standing.
He drew a gun – which, although not confirmed by police, has been reported as either a short barrelled or sawn-off shotgun – and bellowed at customers to stand with their hands up.

Source: Sydney siege: how a day and night of terror unfolded at the Lindt cafe.

One of the images of the Sydney Siege beamed across by the world media. Bae Jieun, 20, one of the Lindt cafe workers runs out of the cafe at 4.57pm into the arms of tactical response police officers in Martin Place. Photograph: Rob Griffith/AP


2014 Sydney hostage crisis.

Terrorism in Australia.

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