Thursday, January 1, 2015

Kurdish Peshmerga Rescue of the Yazidis on Mount Sinjar.

Vian Dakhil's emotional plea to the Iraqi parliament to save the Yazidis, who fled from ISIS, trapped on Mount Sinjar. 

 “We are being slaughtered, our entire religion is being wiped off the face of the earth. I am begging you, in the name of humanity,”...

Vian Dakhil, who along with the Kurdish Female Fighters (YPJ) was voted among the most inspiring women of 2014.

Yazidi children faced hunger, thirst, starvation and death. 

The Rescue of the Christian Yazidi By The Muslim Kurds.

Themselves the subjects of centuries of war, oppression and ethnic cleansing, the Kurdish rescue of the Yazidi was a case of one oppressed people saving another oppressed people. The Peshmerga ("those who confront death") is the Kurdish response to oppression, and comprises of both male and female soldiers. "Peshmerga forces are responsible for defending the land, people and institutions of the Kurdistan Region." (Wikipedia)


Vian Dakhil, the voice of Iraq’s Yazidi minority.

Escape from death mountain: Stranded Yazidis rescued by Kurdish peshmerga after escaping Jihadist horde threatening genocide. 


Islamic State: Yazidi women tell of sex-slavery trauma.

‘Barbaric’ sexual violence perpetrated by Islamic State militants in Iraq – UN.

Kurdish Sinjar offensive too late for some Yazidis.

Persecution of Yazidis by ISIL.

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