Saturday, March 14, 2015

Islamophobia in Wollongong - A Mix of Good and Bad News.

"Much-loved Corrimal Street restaurant, Samaras, has become a victim of anti-Islamic abuse with its Facebook page smeared with racist remarks.
Posts appeared last week urging people to ‘‘boycott Islamic businesses’’ while others criticised the popular Middle Eastern eatery for supplying halal-certified products."

Source: Restaurant victim of anti-Islamic abuse.

The Good News:

Mr Nemer individually commented on some offensive posts, offering to explain more about halal-approved foods. He reminded one commenter who told to him to  ‘‘go back to where he came from’’ that he couldn’t, he was already there, having been born and raised in the Illawarra.

Within a few hours Mr Nemer’s post had more than 1500 likes and hundreds of messages of support from the community.

The vast majority of the 130 comments defended Samaras and the Nemer family, who have owned and operated the business for seven years.

 ‘‘It is people from Samaras who add to this glorious country and we are lucky they share their wonderful and tasty heritage with us...every single time they have welcomed us like family,’’ one post said.

‘‘A great family who I’ve known for many years...let small minded idiots miss out on the best food ever...more for me!’’ another commentator wrote.
Mr Nemer said he was overwhelmed by the support.

The racial and religious bigots are everywhere, and the only way for them to become irrelevant is for good and tolerant people to speak out. 

Other Links:

Wollongong's #illeatwithyou hashtag aims to eradicate Islamophobia.

The Message is Very Clear: "Islamophobia: Not Welcome in Australia."

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