Thursday, March 12, 2015

QANTAS 747-400 Sighted at the Illawarra Regional Airport (Albion Park Rail).

"Oh My God!"


Landing a 747 in one of New South Wales' smallest domestic airports? No problem, according to the Qantas captain that will fly the new permanent exhibition to the Illawarra Regional Airport in Albion Park Rail.

"It will be aviation nirvana," Qantas Fleet Captain Ossie Miller says.
The Australian airline has donated one of their 747-400 fleet to the Historic Aircraft Restoration Society (HARS), the 'City of Canberra', which holds the record for the longest non-stop flight in the world, set in 1989 by flying from 18,000 kilometres from Sydney to London.
 It's a record that still stands today.
Plans have already been well underway to successfully land the 747 aircraft at the airport, with an enormous amount of research and strategy already in place.
Source:  'Aviation nirvana' : Qantas captain prepares 747 to land at Albion Park Rail

A Local Among the 747 Crew:

"The last time I landed a plane at Illawarra Regional Airport it was a single engine four seater," Second Officer Michael East says about the historic landing of the Qantas 747 City of Canberra this Sunday.

"Not in my wildest dreams did I think the next time I'd be landing there would be in a 747."
 Source: Illawarra pilot to bring 747 to new home in Albion Park Rail.

A slightly different view of the landing, on Sunday 8 February 2015, at 7.47am. 

The fate that QF 7474 avoided by being allowed to stay in Australia: The Boneyard.

"60 Minutes": Qantas Aircraft Boneyard.


Qantas VH-OJA lands in the Illawarra: readers' photos. (Illawarra Mercury, 12/3/2015)

Qantas hands over the keys to VH-OJA. (Australian Aviation, 8/3/2015)

Qantas hands over first Boeing 747-400 to aircraft museum. (Australian Business Traveller, 9/3/2015)

Qantas 747-400 readied for viewing at the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society. (Illawarra Mercury, 11/3/2015)

 Illawarra Regional Airport. 

Albion Park Rail, New South Wales. 

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