Friday, May 22, 2015

The Single Most Important Issue Facing The Planet Today.

The depressing thing is that for forty years we could have been transporting people without using fossil fuels to push 100-year-old technology around the sky. For forty years, we have had antigravity technologies that would supersede Boeing's air buses and all of the other aircraft that are polluting our environment, using up fossil fuels, creating global warming, and contaminating and polluting the upper atmosphere and stratosphere.

- Dr. Ted Loder. 

The ET phenomenon is real:


Antigravity Reverse Engineering of UFOs.

Theodore C. Loder III.

Although not verified, in the interest of "disclosure":

Sirius documentary: Reported project financial improprieties and “Dead Man’s Trigger” fabrication by Dr. Steven Greer undercut UFO/ET and New Energy mission.

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