Thursday, July 23, 2015

An Interview With Nicole Kidman in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales.

I'd heard some years ago that Nicole Kidman and her husband Keith Urban had bought a property in the Southern Highlands, which is about an hour's drive from where I live in Wollongong (for 41 years, actually). For the reader unfamiliar with the geography, the Southern Highlands are about 114 kilometres to the southwest of Sydney.

The Highlands recently had fairly heavy snowfalls, or what we call "Christmas in July".

Snow in the Southern Highlands (click to enlarge):

The interview published byVogue was, however, the first time I've been able to get an inside look at my neighbour-an-hour-removed.

Two things really struck me about this video. While an occasional sideview wrinkle is apparent for a millisecond, Kidman does not look anything like her 48 years. The Vogue photo brought cynical claims about "photoshopping" (see links below). But there's no photoshopping in the video, where Kidman doesn't look a day over 30.

The second is her quick, and quick-witted replies to "73 questions" in rapid fire. Most of us would pause, sometimes at length, to the questions fired at us. Of course it's possible that she got a draft copy of the questions, and had some time to think about them. But it sure doesn't look so from the video, or maybe it's just her brilliant acting showing up.

Whatever the truth, the most striking thing about Nicole Kidman, is that these days one of the things she enjoys most - is to laugh.

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