Friday, September 18, 2015

Ronda Rousey in Australia. UFC 193.

MMA has been popular in Australia for many years, going back a very long way, even before the UFC was officially formed in 1993 (although it wasn't known as "MMA" before UFC):

Between 1905-1914, Australian's witnessed a prizefighting novelty called "All-in" which started with "jiu jitsu" demonstrations and developed into a no-holds barred fighting phenomenon. One of the most notable participants was Sam McVea, an African-American heavyweight boxing champion who would participate in a highly publicised "all-in" fight in Lismore, Australia, against 'Prof.' Stevenson in 1913.

Mixed martial arts in Australia.

UFC promotion in Australia. 

 Questions and Answers to Rousey and Dana White from Aussie fans of MMA:

UFC 193 Promo: Revolution.

If you're looking forward to UFC in Melbourne as much as I am, check out one of the other biggest stars in UFC today.The 115 pound Straw-weight Champion. The Straw-weight fight is the co-fight in the main event if UFC 193. And to think that Dana White once said, "women will never fight in the UFC".

 Joanna Jędrzejczyk

Behind the scenes of the making of the UFC 193 promo video:

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